Red and Blue: The Color Pairing We’re Obsessed with Right Now

how to wear red and blue outfits

For first-timers, color mixing can be a challenge but once you’ve got a method that works for you down to a science, you’ll can call yourself a pro. One of the easiest ways to figure out which colors complement each other is to use a color wheel. You know the saying “opposite attract”? Well, the old adage applies to this too. When looking at the color wheel, look for the color directly across from the color you are working with to find your perfect match. 

How to Wear Red and Blue

At the moment, we’re having a love affair with red and blue outfits. Both colors make a powerful statement in an ensemble. As you can see from the color wheel below they are directly across from one another which makes them the perfect pair. 

color wheel image

Image from: Beads and Pieces


1. Add A Metallic Accent 

how to wear blue and red Jan Michael Quammie street style

Photographer: Tim da-Rin

Use a bold metallic accent to add visual interest to your look. 

2. Keep It Simple with Denim and A Sweatshirt 

white boots and denim with red sweatshirt street style

You can't ever go wrong when sticking to the basics. If this color combo is new to you, ease your way in with a classic sweatshirt and a pair of denim blue jeans. If you want to add a trendy element to your look, opt for adding in a white boot and cropped denim.

3. Master the Art of Transitional Dressing

red and blue outfit: red puffer tied around waist with silk pajama style top and pant

Photo credit: Tim da Rin

Other than the color combo of this outfit, we love this little lesson in how to use your puffer as a transitional piece. When it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon, wrap your puffer around your waist to make the perfect style statement without looking crazy. 

Don't forget personal style is all about breaking rules and creating your own. There’s no law that says you must stick to the book. Have fun and create the colorful looks you love. And, if all else fails, you can always bet on black!

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