5 Ways to Elevate Your Look

How to Elevate Your Style Using Simple Styling Tricks

No matter what day of the week it is, everyday should be an opportunity to put your personal style on full display. Everyone has days when they either feel uninspired, or they have a case of the “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” syndrome. On days like these, a simple addition to your outfit can help you elevate your look.

True fashion girls know that accessories can make or break your outfit, but that’s not all. There are other styling tricks that you can use to up the ante on your personal style, or your look of the day — for days when you are itching to try something new for a change. Read on for our tips on elevating your outfit. 

Elevate Your Style in 5 Ways 

how to elevate your style: tucked printed top and jeans with heels street style

1. The half tuck.

Believe it or not, this simple styling trick can change your entire outfit. On oversized shirt can go from looking undone to a much cleaner look by tucking your shirt into your pants. We are currently resorting to the half-tuck as shown above as it adds a cute, undone flair to an outfit without looking messy.

how to elevate your outfit with vintage jewlery pieces

2. Wear vintage jewelry.

Elevate your outfit with vintage jewelry pieces that give your look a high-luxury feel. The beauty of this styling trick is that you don’t have to spend a million bucks and it can give a simple outfit a much dressier finish.

Elevate your outfit with vintage jewelry pieces that give your look a high-luxury feel. 

how to elevate your style with statement puff sleeve tops

3. Add a dramatic piece. 

Looking for a conversation starter? Add a bit of drama to your look with a statement top, pant or even a shoe. A puff sleeve top is bound to be a head-turner and it’s a great way to elevate your wardrobe and outfit. If you think this is something you’ll wear just once, think again. Style it with a pair of jeans for the weekend, add a belt over it to refresh the look, and if it’s long enough, you can even wear it as a dress.

Elevate your look: wavy undone hairstyle trend

4. All about the hair.

Never forget the power of a good hairstyle. Whether you’re after a neat ‘do or a mussed-up look, your hair can enhance the look of your ensemble. If you want to try something trendy, try your hand at undone waves.

elevate your style with mixing prints in your outfit

5. Throw in a print or two. 

Add a bit of visual interest to your look by wearing prints. We love prints because it does all of the talking for our look. Try a printed top or bottom to boost your mood and the look of your outfit.


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India Hartford Davis for Flaunter.com; Tim da-Rin for Flaunter.com


This was a really great list!! Thanks ❤️

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I love the half-tuck too! And when my hair looks good I always feel like it ups my outfit game.

Dani July 13, 2018

Love all these tips! The half tuck is my go-to.

Daisi Ari July 12, 2018

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