How Brittney Winbush Is Disrupting The Wellness Industry

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The Coveted Boss: A woman whose goal-getting entrepreneurial path, way of living, and style we admire. Welcome to the series.

What do you get when you mix a vibe with a candle to match? You get Alexandra Winbush. The brand, created by Brittney Winbush in 2018, is on the verge of shifting gears when it comes to mental health awareness by helping consumers embrace positive moments with mood-boosting candles. “I have a candle for every vibe”, Winbush says — and by vibes she means #goodvibesonly.

Today, her mood-boosting candles, and calming teas — which also comes with a bangin’ curated playlist — has gained the likes of influencers and dope business women like Kristen Noel Crawley, amongst many others. We sat down with Winbush in her Brooklyn apartment where she gave us the scoop behind her daily routine, the eye-opening experience that inspired her to create her brand, and a glimpse into her personal style — which we are utterly obsessed with.

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The life-changing experience that inspired Brittney Winbush to create her business:

"Strangely enough, tragedy inspired me to create my company. Five years ago, I was in a terrible house fire. After which, I suffered from depression and anxiety. My comfort zone was at my house that burned down and now that I was displaced, I had to find a way to make my space during my college years have peace. I did that with music and candles. At this time, I also began researching teas that helped with stress and depression. It's been five years since, but this is still a practice that I use to this day. One day I thought to myself, I want to share this piece of peace that I created with others."

"I want to share this piece of peace that I created with others."

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What she loves most about her business:

"The best part about my business is being able to help people have a sense of peace in the mist of craziness. I received a message from a customer a week ago saying that she was having a pretty mad day and as soon as she lit her candle she felt better and more at peace. That's the best part of my company."

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On her personal style:

"My personal style is kind of retro chic. I like incorporating old trends with new style. But to be honest, my personal style is always evolving and growing. I have style icons like Tracee Ellis Ross and I think to myself, once my coins are a bit better, that's what my personal style will look like."

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 A peek into her busy week:

This is the typical start to the beginning of my weeks, however, as an entrepreneur, no one day looks the same for me but I do have certain days of the week that I focus on certain things.

Sundays: Organizing my week, checking in with my interns, and self-care; i.e. Cleaning, masking, etc. 

Mondays: Meeting days - I always have a call with my mom on Mondays. She really keeps me together. Not just with the financial portion of my job, but also giving me a list of things that she would like for me to accomplish for the week.

Tuesdays: Shipping day! I usually try to do a heavy social media post on Tuesday mornings to get any other orders before I head to the shipping station.

Wednesdays: Content shoots. I go through customer photos and figure out what additional content I need for our social media accounts. 

Thursdays: Out & about to scout. I go around and just look into shops and cafes they might be a good fit to carry our products, sometimes it's out and about, sometimes it's doing research online.

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"My personal style is kind of retro chic. I like incorporating old trends with new style."

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Visit Alexandra Winbush here:

Interview, Photography, Style Direction, Editorial by Alyssa Francois


You know, it’s interesting, I work with a non-profit that helps Burn Survivors, and they all have such a resiliancy of spirit. Love this post!

Mary August 10, 2018

This is such a wonderful series, and Brittney seems absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing her story, I can’t wait for more! x

Megan July 30, 2018

Brittany sounds like a superstar and her style is effortless. She definitely is rocking her business!

Elizabeth O July 30, 2018

Lovef learning about this brand! Love girbosses who work hard to empower! Brittney is so amazing!

Cindy S. July 29, 2018

Brittany has an amazing physique. I am sure she will go on and continue to do amazing things in the boss world.

Elle (CleverlyChanging) July 29, 2018

Kudos. To not only flourishing in life but in the business world as well. And that schedule what a way to keep the flow going.

Cia Black July 29, 2018

Brittney sounds like an amazing person! I think it is so important that we encourage and empower one another as women!

leigh anne borders July 29, 2018

Loved learning more about Brittney! Sounds like she has a really amazing company and story.

Holly July 29, 2018

Having a business where you know your making your customers’ days better must be so invigorating. I love getting a sneak peek at the business she runs and her as a person.

Melanie July 29, 2018

I do enjoy a nice candle and tea.

Nancie July 29, 2018

I like the way you organize your work. I admire the women who do business because they are so strong like you

Vu Ha July 29, 2018

I love the idea of mood-boosting candles. I also love supporting girl bosses who are killing it.

Cindy Ingalls July 28, 2018

Omg this is totally inspiring me. Love all the beauty and hustle of being a boss babe!

Afroza Khan July 28, 2018

#Girlboss inspo right here! Always like seeing how other people fit in meditation!

Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams July 28, 2018

That’s awesome that your mom is such a support. I love what your answer was for your favorite thing about your job. :)

Rosey July 28, 2018

This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look. I love your outfit it fits together really well.

Preet July 28, 2018

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of mood-boosting candles. I would love to try those candles and see for myself if they’re really effective. :)

Janine Ella July 27, 2018

Any business that helps others is a great idea!

Angela Kim July 27, 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE those yellow pants! They are everything and more, need to find a similar pair.

Noelle Lynne July 27, 2018

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