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They say one bad apple can ruin it for the entire tree. This almost happened to Lauren Brown Wellington, founder of Edit No. 9 — a Personal Styling, Closet Revamping, and Personal Shopping service — when she felt she was through with the fashion industry. Wellington who moved from Compton, California to NYC at the age of 24 (and just $300), is a prime example of someone who styles the life they want no matter their circumstance, and she's also someone who lives by creating the opportunities you thought you had to ask someone else for.

This entrepreneur took us through a day in her life at her favorite luxury shoe boutique, Edon Manor in TriBeca, New York, to talk all things fashion, career goals, and more.

When She Fell In Love with Fashion & Styling:

"I believe that fashion is something that has always been apart of who I am. My mom likes to tell this story of me at 4 years old on a doctor’s visit, and the doctor telling me that he liked my pretty orange dress and I replied, “It’s not orange it’s peach!” She says I’ve always had ‘it'.

I fell in love with styling in high school. I won Best-Dressed my senior year. I was obsessed with music videos and would emulate the looks of my favorite rappers/singers. And when their albums came out I would always look at the back of the booklet to see who styled them and would see June Ambrose or Crystal Streets name. I researched more and figured out that Styling was an actual career, told my cousin Mac who is an industry vet and he connected me to Joe Exclusive - a top LA stylist who gave me my first styling internship."

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How Edit No.9 Came to Life:

"In January 2017, I decided I was done with fashion altogether, until I received a message from a friend asking if I could style her. I agreed to do it but I only considered it to be a side hustle. I continued receiving more personal styling gigs and in February 2018 I left my 9-5. I chose to invest in myself and turn my side hustle into a full time career. I realized no matter how much I tried to pull away from fashion, it was always pulling me back in because it's a part of me. It's my gift. I just needed to figure out a way to use my gift to make a living while also being of service to others."

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"The name Edit No.9 came to me in a dream. I believe it takes many edits to create a great look, and the number 9 means to start a new journey and let go of what isn't serving you. Coincidentally my son was born 9/19 in delivery room #9, 9 days early so 9 is a significant number for me. ⁣

At Edit No.9 I offer Personal Styling, Closet Revamping, and Personal Shopping! I work with all budgets. And like to emphasize that these services aren’t just for the wealthy or famous like many people may believe. It can be accessible to all women!"



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What She Loves Most About Edit No. 9:

"What I love most about my business is transforming my clients! Seeing the added confidence that comes from the service I provide just makes me so happy!!!"

Lauren's Top Trends for FW '18

  • Anything Checked/Plaid - I would opt for a blazer or a nice pair of tailored trousers.
  • Leopard and Snake Prints - in everything from shirts, skirts, down to booties!
  • The White Boot - trend is still going strong and looks good in every silhouette — over-the-knee, ankle, pointed toe.
  • Sequins, Sequins, Sequins! All colors look great but I’m loving metallic sequins!
  • Neon - Neon hues were spotted on the Fall/Winter ‘18 runways! Whether it be Pink, Green, Yellow, or Orange wear any of the neon colors to stand out this fall!

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Where She Sees Herself in 5 Years

"I see myself as a mom to the coolest 9 year old, still married, a product line in major retailers, self-made millionaire, living somewhere other than NYC, happy, with thousands of satisfied clients from Edit No.9!"

Shop Lauren's Coveted Style Edit

Interview, Style Direction & Production: Alyssa Francois
Photography: Trisha Francis

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I’ve been knowing her for years! Since high school in Los Angeles! She did win best dresses and she has ALWAYS been fashion forward! Love her life.

Jaye Elle October 17, 2018

Love her style, I understand why people request her services as stylist!

Fiorella September 07, 2018

Loved your post especially your daily routine ;)

Deeksha September 07, 2018

I’m so glad there is a stylist who believes in assisting everyone with revamping their style, regardless of budget. I’ve thought about finding a stylist but they usually charge too much. Great article!

AJ Jones September 07, 2018

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