5 Ways We’re Enhancing Our Nutrition Game

Author: Coveted Style / Category: Wellness / Published: Mar-03-2019

We bet you didn’t know that March is National Nutrition Month. Should you know? Well, why not? When you hear the word nutrition you automatically think of healthy foods. What you probably dismiss are things like mental health or even fitness. Nutrition includes all of those things. Here at Coveted Style, we prioritize looking and feeling good inside as well as out. After all, they do go hand in hand.  

Need help stepping up your nutrition game this month? From our favorite fitness apps to sipping tea in the name of mental health, read on for our top five nutrition go-tos:

National Nutrition Month: 5 Tools You Need to Enhance Your Wellbeing

1. Personalize your nutrition strategy with the Blink Fitness App.

blink fitness app

The new Blink Fitness app gets more play than our music apps these days. Why we love it? Personalization, information, and inspiration. When you sign into the app by scanning your Blink membership card, you get instant access to a curated feed of content to help you with your health goals whether it be meal tips from Shape magazine, or training guides by Coach. There’s nothing better than using a fitness app that serves as a content hub specific to your nutrition needs. According to CEO, Todd Magazine, “We are going beyond exercise and beyond the gym walls to bring our members a tool that will help them live a healthier life. We’ve always been about celebrating the differences of our members, and this technology takes it to a whole new level by offering content that is highly personalized to the individual goals of each member.”

2. Train anywhere with Nike+ Training Club App.

nike club training app

Not up for heading to the gym? We get it but you’re not off the hook. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership in order to be fit. This is where the Nike Training Club app comes in. With the tap of a finger, you can train anywhere. The app is chock full of 185+ workouts as well as expert tips and workout recommendations. If you need a buddy to hold you accountable for your workouts, you can use the workout sharing functionality. See? No excuse girl!

3. Combat anxiety and more with Wylde One Adaptogens.

wylde one adaptogen elixirs

Adaptogens have quickly become a buzzword in the wellness industry but we can say that it is something you should consider incorporating into your wellness routine. Here’s why: Adaptogens, which are natural substances, help offset the effects of stress in the body and improves your adrenal system. Need help navigating the aisle of many adaptogens available on the market? You can start with Wylde One. The brand offers a range of highly effective adaptogen elixirs for just about any situation you can think of. Need to destress after a long day of work? Our go-to is ‘Yoga In A Cup’.

4. Sip tea with Alexandra Winbush.

alexandra winbush tea: national nutrition month

Never underestimate what a good cup of tea can do for your mental health — especially when you have a moment with some of your favorite tunes at the end of a stressful day. This is the exact philosophy behind Alexandra Winbush. We’re obsessed with the yummy taste, potent scent, and calming effects of Alexandra Winbush teas. Get the tea on the founder, Brittney Winbush and what inspired her to create the brand in our Coveted Boss series.

5. Do what feels good with this nutritional smoothie.

berry antioxidant smoothie

We’re big fans of smoothies over here (side-eyeing you, celery juice) and can’t ever pass up on a quick and easy recipe. This month we’re piling up on the antioxidants with a berry smoothie. Want a quick smoothie? Blend strawberries, bananas, and blackberries with your milk of choice.

Coveted Style Insider: Shyane DeJesus

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